Conveyance of the Lordship of Athlone

A new land and legal system was introduced after the Norman Conquest in the 11th century. The Crown would grant lords with land in return for a service or sum in tax. Baron Hugh de Lacy received his Lordship of Meath in 1172 on the conditions of King Henry II of England to conquer and establish control over both the Irish and Norman claims to the land.

Trim Castle, Co. Meath, Ireland

The History of Manorial Rights

Lord of the Manor is a title given to a person holding lordship in the Anglo-Saxon system of manorialism that originated from feudalism in Irish history. This means that the Lord and Lady of the Manor of Athlone are not connected to the honours system but rather the feudal system. Lordship in this sense is equivalent to ownership that is involved with a historic legal jurisdiction in the form of the court baron. Manorial rights and the title can be separated from the physical property and this is the case for the Lordship of the Manor of Athlone.

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